Stego: Steganography Demonstration software, you can use

With this software you can put some data / text into your BMP files, and send it to someone. At the friends place you can extract the text using decrypt.

This is called steganography, or hidden writing. This is what this package tries to implement. You get 3 components with this software:

  1. stego: the GUI version of image encryption, ecrption
  2. encrypt: commmand line tool to embed text into images,
  3. decrypt: command line toll to extract the text from images.
encrypt & decrypt are capable of consumin eachothers output.

Decrypt this IMAGE

Download This software version

  1. Stego 0.5
Installing Follow the instructions
INSTALL the software do this
1: ./
2: ./configure --prefix=/tmp
3: make
4: make install
5: $/tmp/bin/stego & #yove done it

Bugs Reports bugs to the Author , at email found below.
Depends ATK, PANGO, GTK+2.0 and GNU Autotools to build this stuff.
License GPL'ed.
Author Muthiah Annamalai {gnumuthu}-emailmeat-{users}-dot-{sf}-dot-{nt}