Octave-G2 project: Octave interface to G2 library

Today 27th July 2005, Im releasing the first useable copy of G2 interface to Octave
G2 library can be found HERE
Download This software version
  1. Octave-G2 latest package, with GNU Automake etc
  2. first un-Automake Octave-G2 package
Installing Follow the instructions
INSTALL the software do this
1: ./autogen.sh
2: ./configure 
3: make
4: make install
#test the package by
5: cd ./examples && ./simple_x11.m #you must see a 45degree line on X11 window.

Bugs Reports bugs to the Author , at email found below.
Depends G2 library
License GPL'ed.
Author Muthiah Annamalai {gnumuthu}-emailmeat-{users}-dot-{sf}-dot-{nt}