Octave-FLTK project: Octave interface to FLTK library

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Today [10th August 2005], [updated 22nd December 2005], Octave-FLTK is more & more, in its usable form : 0.6

Octave-FLTK reaches 0.6


  1. GNU Automake tool build
  2. 17 examples in Octave-FLTK
  3. More widgets wrapped, and very, usable ATM
Download 0.6.1 version of Octave-FLTK Here
If you came looking for 0.6 version, thats buggy in a mixedup release, and pleae download 0.6.1 instead.

Screenshot: Octave-FLTK's 20+ Examples running in GNU/Linux

Octave-FLTK 0.6.1 Examples


  1. ./autogen.sh
  2. ./configure --refix=/your/fav/dir/
  3. make
  4. make install

FLTK2-DEFS used for describing the FLTK2 API is available Here
Cheers Muthu.
Posted on [28th September 2005]

Octave-GUI Study

A gist of ideas, on a document in writing: Ideas on Octave-GUI. Get it Octave-GUI tarball with LaTeX sources & PDF file or the PDF file alone Octave-GUI report

Today [3rd August 2005], Octave-FLTK is more in its usable form : 0.1

Octave-FLTK reaches 0.1

Octave-FLTK is a language binding to FLTK toolkit thats crossplatform and gives you a simple API for working GUI's in C++. Now Octave-FLTK enables ou to write FLTK code in Octave itself!

Features of Octave-FLTK

  1. FLTK-1.1.6 library accessible from Octave-FLTK.
  2. Widgets Inheritance works like in C++. [Ofcourse creating new classes, is not possible], but calling parent types, is made like in C++.
  3. Widgets & Enumerations are accesible from C++
  4. Callbacks are possible to Octave code
  5. Many widgets for use now
  6. API pattern, in final state.
  7. 5 Examples in the ./test/ directory.


  1. Untar & cd ./octave-fltk-0.1/src
  2. make
  3. cd ./octave-fltk-0.1/test/
  4. #run any of the examples. [hello.m, button.m labels.m etc]


Get 0.1 Octave-FLTK here


To make Octave-FLTK a sucess, we need to
  1. Write more examples in ./test/ directory
  2. Write / Fix bindings code for skipped widgets in ./src/ directory.

If youre really interested in making this work complete, please join the Octave-GTK-Devel lists , to carry on discussions. Join Here.

Cheers Muthu.

Today 30th July 2005, Im releasing the first useable copy PROTOTYPE of FLTK interface to Octave
FLTK library can be found HERE


./octave-fltk screenshot
Download This software version
  1. Browse Code
  2. first un-Automake Octave-FLTK prototype package
Installing Follow the instructions
INSTALL the software do this
3: make
#test the package by
4: make test

Bugs Reports bugs to the Author , at email found below.
Depends FLTK library
License GPL'ed.
Author Muthiah Annamalai {gnumuthu}-emailmeat-{users}-dot-{sf}-dot-{nt}