Texplore : Type Explorer for GObject based Libraries

Today 28th June 2005, Im releasing the first useable copy of Type Explorer called Texplore.

Fix Release 0.2 fixes the non-listing of signal/properties/classes etc for Interface , Abstract types. Also multiple listing in Parent, Child types is avoided. Download This software version
  1. Texplore-0.2
  2. Texplore-0.1
Installing Follow the instructions
INSTALL the software do this
1: ./autogen.sh
2: ./configure --prefix=/tmp
3: make
4: make install
5: $/tmp/bin/texplore & #yove done it

Bugs Reports bugs to the Author , at email found below.
Depends ATK, PANGO, GTK+2.0 and GNU Autotools to build this stuff.
License GPL'ed.
Author Muthiah Annamalai {gnumuthu}-emailmeat-{users}-dot-{sf}-dot-{nt}